Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills


Despite advances in word processor software, technology is still not a viable substitute for well developed writing skills. Professionals of any industry will typically recognise strong or weak writing, and in a business setting, many people need some assistance producing writing to a consistently high-level.

In this workshop, the language will be concrete and well expressed. Skill development in the field of writing takes time and hard work, and even the best writers will sometimes find themselves overwhelmed and discouraged.

This two-day training course will share the tools that writers need to improve their output.

Key Topics & Skills Gained

Specific workshop learning objectives include:

  • The value of well written communication.
  • How to write and proofread your work, keeping it clear and concise.
  • How to apply these writing skills in real world situations.
  • Paragraph structure, tone, and syntax specifics.
  • Formatting memos, letters, and emails for different professional settings.

Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone who would like to improve their written communication skills.

Course Duration

1-2 days