Creativity and Innovation Skills Training

Creativity and Innovation - The Power to use your Creative-Mind to bring about Innovations that add value

Course Overview

We are all born with a fantastic creative and imaginative mind.  We are naturally innovative.  Consider a child who receives a present – they open the present – and then play with the box! (because the box has unlimited potential and opportunities for creativity).  In this workshop we look at how to unlock that childlike creative mind and apply different creative techniques.

Key Skills Gained

You will leave this course with new skills including learning how to:

  • Describe the structures of the brain responsible for Logic, Creativity and Innovation
  • Understand the ‘Volvo Principle’ and how leads people to develop Rutted Paths of Thinking that limit Creativity and Innovation
  • Identify how Self-Justification and Perceptions limit Creativity
  • Overcome the need to be logical and unlock your creativity
  • Use Brainstorming in groups or individually
  • Overcome the limitations of Brainstorming
  • Use Assumption Busting to go even further
  • Develop a Koinonia Culture with your colleagues
  • Use Lateral Thinking Techniques to expand your perspective
  • Use and Identify Problem Solving Techniques relevant to your situation
  • Use incremental improvements for Innovation
  • Question your current processes, procedures etc. to ensure you are not missing out on creative opportunities

Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone who wants to innovate or apply creativity to their role.

Course Materials

Your course materials have been developed by Guy Newman and are designed to boost learning retention, helping to get the most out of every classroom experience. Guy has over 20 years experience as a Trainer, Facilitator, Olympian, Key Note Speaker, Performer and successful Businessman.

Your Trainer

All Professional Development trainers at Power Cloud will impart a wealth of knowledge and energy to ensure this is one of the most rewarding training experience you have ever encountered.

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Course Duration

1 Day