KEPNERandFOURIE™ IT Root Cause Analysis

KEPNERandFOURIE™ IT Root Cause Analysis Workshop


KEPNERandFOURIE™’s (KandF) problem solving solutions are proven systematic methodologies that achieve lasting impact by involving the right stakeholders and creating a common structured Root Cause Analysis approach that would enable IT problem solving teams to avoid/solve recurring incidents and reduce the mean-time-to-solve-an-incident by at least 80%. This normally covers the modules of root cause analysis, how to find solutions and how best to perform risk mitigation.

KandF is about “hands on” learning, understanding the principles and its application. To be conscious competent, so that your mind is in tune with the specific KandF thinking process by the time you step back into the business. The end result is an intellectual toolkit giving you the ability to effectively transfer newly acquired skills and knowledge to your business or job. Training the KandF way is all about:

  • Learning  the specific KandF thinking process
  • Becoming actively engaged in applying it to real life cases
  • Receiving ongoing coaching
  • Receiving specific, instant feedback
  • Becoming competent and confident in the KEPNERandFOURIE thinking skills

Key Topics and Skills Trained

  • How to identify the correct and most appropriate stakeholders and information sources
  • How to identify the correct entry-point into an incident investigation using a proven specific technique to produce the correct starting point for the incident investigation
  • How to ask the appropriate set of questions to gather the correct and relevant only information of an incident
  • How to systematically analyse the incident information to derive at mutually agreed core issues, root causes, solutions and action plans.
  • How to find the best solution for a problem correction situation
  • How to find the best preventive and contingent actions for system/infrastructure changes

The above skills are embodied in the following incident investigation processes:

  • PriorityWise to determine core issues
  • ThinkingWise to generate a new focus of the incident situation
  • CauseWise to identify and verify the root cause of an incident
  • SolutionWise to make professional choices, creating solutions and develop new solutions to effectively remove the root cause(s) identified
  • RiskWise to avoid security and other general risk situations

Company Application

Power Cloud and their consultants will help you to strategise an implementation plan that would ensure bottom line improvement, socialization and sustainment of in-house efforts. This would be achieved through the transfer of proven application strategies learned over the last 30 years.