Negotiation Skills Training

The Power to Negotiate & Influence with Confidence

Course Overview

Prepare; Question; Influence; Keep Composed; and Navigate the complex path of Negotiations

We negotiate everyday in nearly every interaction with other people.  Navigating the negotiation minefield requires advanced communication skills; defined procedures; manipulation survival strategies; precise planning; effective listening skills; and much more.  This course is designed to give participants the process to plan for and the skills to conduct a successful negotiation.

Course Duration

2 days

Target Audience

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to plan for and then conduct successful negotiations with proven strategies to eliminate conflict.

Key Skills Gained

You will leave this course with new skills including learning how to:

  • See negotiation as a process you engage in to achieve terms; not conflict
  • Understand your current default approach to negotiation and the effect that has on the process
  • Determine when to aim for Win / Win and when to forego a Win for a greater result
  • Prepare like a professional by investing more time pre-negotiation than during
  • Determine your position whilst still being clear on your objectives and the needs behind those objectives
  • Accurately scope both sides of the negotiation and leave no stone unturned
  • Determine your TRP and understand the other parties most likely resistance point
  • Clearly define your BATNA to ensure you never accept less than what you can fall back to
  • Select the appropriate venue for a negotiation
  • Identify your perceptions and understand their effect on the negotiation process
  • Adapt to different cultures
  • Understand the ramifications and carefully plan for success
  • Remain composed in stressful negotiations
  • Bring other parties to a composed state by using a process based on biology
  • Develop and refine your listening skills to acquire the information important to creative solutions
  • Structure both Open and Closed questions to navigate a successful negotiation
  • Explore decision structures and negotiation paths to prepare for all likelihoods
  • Adjust your language to conduct definitive communication
  • Adapt and build rapport with varying personalities
  • Overcome difficult people
  • Identify when you are being manipulated and how to overcome the tactic
  • Understand why the traditional model of Negotiation tended to involve conflict
  • Apply a modern approach for conflict free negotiation

Course Materials

Your course materials have been developed by Guy Newman and are designed to boost learning retention, helping to get the most out of every classroom experience. Guy has over 20 years experience as a Trainer, Facilitator, Olympian, Key Note Speaker, Performer and successful Businessman.

Your Trainer

All Professional Development trainers at Power Cloud will impart a wealth of knowledge and energy to ensure this is one of the most rewarding training experience you have ever encountered.

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Audience Feedback

Your Workshop was awe inspiring and I must say, that it was the most enjoyable workshop I have ever attended. Your approach to imparting information and your extremely unique style, was a breath of fresh air."

Your course is still a topic of conversation at work.  I've realised that the reason it had such an impact was because you gave so much of yourself to ensure that it was useful, relevant and interesting.  You have a special gift of giving.  I'm so glad to have been part of that.  Thank you.

I thought I knew everything I needed to know about Communication. That was an assumption and I should assume nothing. The Course taught me to mind my perceptions and most importantly how to move a person from an emotional state to a logical state.

This morning as I was getting my son ready and he was being difficult and I was losing it. I remembered to go down to his level and ask "Can I ask you a question". He may only be 6 but he effectively calmed down and listened. I will use the technique at work next time I am with an emotional customer.

Having a page of important notes to take home is a great way to remind myself what I learnt on the course. I can keep these notes next to me and refer to them if I am having a difficult day.