Stakeholder Communications and Profiling

Stakeholder Communications and Profiling

Course Overview

Workshop Duration - 2 Days


1. Good communication is a critical deliverable of every successful project or interaction.

2. Your communication has a large influence over your business's/ project's success or failure

3. Your attitude as a communicator dictates the level of success you experience in nurturing and holding relationships

In this 2 day workshop, participants will understand stakeholders within the context of their personalities and their emotional drivers.  The workshop will equip them to work more effective with stakeholders while remaining result/ outcome focused. 

Participants will feel more confident in their ability to navigate through day to day dealings as well as challenging scenarios with their stakeholders while building credibility, enriching relationship and achieving results.

Key Topics & Skills Gained

You will leave this course with new skills including:

  • Power your Leadership presence; establish credibility, trust, and authority.
  • Understand personality styles within the context of communication
  • Understanding the one fundamental need that we all share that is critical to your ability to influence
  • Understand the psychology of communication to Influence
  • The attitude of successful communication
  • Understanding stakeholder body language and mannerisms
  • Understanding the distinction between aggressiveness and assertiveness
  • Communicate for service excellence
  • Generate a 3-way win
  • The stakeholder transformational model
  • Using empathy to neutralise emotions in the challenging stakeholder
  • Your Goal with the many versions of an emotional customer
  • Elicit vital information through effective listening and questioning as oppose to telling
  • Understanding conflict and control within the context of influencing
  • 7 steps for stakeholder communication success

Target Audience

This course is designed for people who are required as part of their role to manage internal and/or external client expectations and delivery.

Post Work

As part of this program participants will be required to execute their personal timely action plan to maximise retention and accelerate 'on the floor' execution of learning’s.