Think on Your Feet® Training

Think on Your Feet® Training Course

Course Overview

The ability to Think on Your Feet® is a core skill. It means getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively - and being remembered.

Everyone wants you to get to the point. We have all been lost for words when under pressure, gone around in circles or worked out the perfect answer after the moment has passed!

The basis of Think on Your Feet® is that clear thinking is the secret to clear speaking. By incorporating both left and right brain thinking, we can be articulate and creative within the framework of a logical plan. This makes it easy to respond confidently in an impromptu situation or during a meeting, and to develop memorable presentations when there is time to prepare.

The Think on Your Feet® promise is    ... Clarity …  Brevity …  Impact

Think on Your Feet® is an internationally accredited workshop which has gained worldwide recognition as an innovative and highly effective oral communications program.

Key Skills Gained

You will leave this course with new skills including learning how to:

  • Help your listener by placing your ideas into a simple unifying structure
  • Convey ideas and information with clarity, brevity and impact
  • Be more persuasive
  • Field difficult questions with confidence and diplomacy
  • Use examples to increase understanding and recall

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales and consulting professionals who need to communicate ideas persuasively and confidently.  Business is won on our ability to handle the Q & A’s that follow our pitch.
  • Technical experts who must communicate complex information in a simple manner
  • Anyone who may face a communication challenge such as
    • Answering tough questions at a meeting or during a presentation
    • Handling a subject with a client or manager that has not been anticipated
    • Being asked for an impromptu progress report at a meeting

Think on Your Feet® offers the accomplished communicator some creative ideas to differentiate their message, while less practiced speakers will find that the skills increase their confidence and success.

Course Content

  • The Brain Scan Grid to target listener's core concerns
  • Three plans to present information with clarity and logic.
  • Three assertive plans to persuade, gain buy-in or change the listener’s perspective.
  • Bridging strategies to lessen the emotional impact of tough questions and buy time for a well considered response
  • Preparing longer presentations quickly and effectively
  • Being creative by using colourful visual examples and analogies for impact

Your Trainer

The trainer has more than twenty years experience in the field of Learning and Development, specialising in management and communication skills workshops. An accredited member of the internationally licensed Think on Your Feet® network for 14 years, the trainer has regularly presented this workshop for corporate and public workshop clients, including the Australian Institute of Management for many years.

Course Duration

2 Days